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Plum Tree Members Blogs

Sue Lobo

Wendy Steele
As a new author, I am looking to blog swap/interview. I have questions and am happy to answer yours.


Gwen Dubeau
A blog where poetry meets photography.

Martha M Moravec
Mad Genius Bohemians
Personal transformation through the subversive arts of thoughtful living, radical joy and the pursuit of dreams.

Georgia Saunders
A place for book promotions of all kinds
I love guest posts! Reviews of great books (classics included), author profiles, promotion of your own book, interviews, writing tips, and anything funny!

April Thomas
Get lost in words and tangled in an adventure. Books, poems Articles, videos for your entertainment.

Tonia Houston andrew.tonia78@hotmail.com. Blog: http://passionfind.wordpress.com/Accepts articles concerning passion and inspiration through writing, art, and everyday life.

Niamh Clune
Many things of interest featuring The Plum Tree Group and all our fascinating author prompts, blog hopping, events, Your passion for writing… how it makes you feel, what you reach for when you write, how you bring a character to life, your genre…our causes, and featuring all our plums!

Lorane Leavy
Something amusing and current. May be longer than 25 words.

Tammy Lang
Inspirational stories of acts of kindness that have changed your life or that you perform that make a difference in the lives of others.

Joanna Lee Doster
My Tumblr blog is set to be informational; discussing my book and motorsports. Comments are always welcomed.

Marta Pelrine-Bacon
This blog is a bit about writing, but mostly focuses on the non-writing part of life. I’ve another blog about writing, and you can find that through the asylum. Thank you!

Pauline Barclay
paulinebarclay@hotmail.co.ukI blog about all aspects of writing. I am happy to guest any Plum Tree member on my blog, Scribbles!

Darlene Foster
I write about following your dreams, success stories, travels, and recommend good children’s books. Would love to hear from guest bloggers on similiar topics.

Dark Fantasy author/blogger with features, interviews, and regular articles about being a new author

jontybabe (JB Johnston)
I blog about family life, special needs, social work, books and venturing into product reviews. I review books and am happy to include author interviews if I have read your book.

Susie Bertie
Musings, thoughts, poetry or some such beast ,,,, occasional bits of the real.

DiAnne Ebejer

Marla Todd
This is a FICTIONAL blog written by a fictional vampire character named Juliette aka Vampire Maman. The readers of this blog are people who like to read about campy vampire stuff, goth stuff and funny parenting stuff. Juliette (my fictional character) also writes about issues that might or might not be important to all parents, vampire and regular human. I also post book reviews and blogs of friends, art and a good deal of poetry. It is just for fun. I stress that this is written as a FICTIONAL character with a modern vampire mom point of view.

Elizabeth H. Cottrell (@RiverwoodWriter)
How to connect in a disconnected world, with emphasis on four essential life connections: with Self, with Others, with God, and with Nature. I also post frequently about personal note writing to encourage revival of this lost art. Please review my guest posting guidelines before submission: http://www.heartspoken.com/guest-blogger-guidelines/

Fran Lewis
I do online interviews, I do book reviews for authors upon request and post them on many of my author sites. I post events and the time and dates of my radio shows on Blog Talk Radio

Brianna Soloski
Book reviews, photography, miscellaneous life. I do accept guest bloggers – topics are open.

optymystic@gmail.com – Not Quite Dead Yet
I am a grandmother, writing to my teen granddaughter to preserve family memories and thoughts on life and relationships. The primary focus is to remember the positive, the fun, and the funny and to share it now, because we are not quite dead yet.

Beverley Hoyles
This is a new blog Walking with Beverley. I write about attributes that would encourage growth in our personal life. Inspirational stories. I am still in the developing stages of my blog so patience is required at this point. The goal is to have future blogs about children as well as inspirational stories that change lives. I would love submissions of inspirational stories/human interest to put on my blog and highlight your own.

De Ann “Native” Townes Jr.
This is my blog about my Book “Peer Inside My Soul and See Me” I post poetry, sketches, photos and pages from my book as well as keep my blogger readers up to date on my book and newest projects and events.

Exploding Mary
A Writing Space– posted projects change with the month or season. First drafts to edited stories, poems, or songs, by Mari Kozlowski.

Shirani Rajapakse
It’s a website, blogspace storage area for my writing and reviews and anything of interest. I’m a lazy blogger but when I do blog its about issues that I believe in. Feel free to post anything about what’s happening around us.


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