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fabulous Betty Dravis!

As a follow-up on our Every Child is Entitled to Innocence anthology to which Betty Dravis generously contributed, I would like to introduce you to the lady herself. 

What can I say about Betty? In fact, it might be an easier question to ask what can’t I say about Betty? I could list superlatives such as fabulous, amazing, inspiring, but I guess I had better tell you why I think those things about this (here I go again) wonderful lady. To tell you that she has the magic to bring grown men to their knees in obeisance is not an exaggeration. In fact, she has us all trying to please her. Betty is the queen of the social network boards, make no mistake about that!

If you knew Betty, it would not surprise you to know that she has even managed a coup in the the new e-publishing industry. She has captivated the heart of e-book sensation, John Locke, whom she asked to write the foreword for her e-book, Star Struck. It is an apt title. How could John refuse? He is a mere mortal – a satellite in Betty’s orbit! No one says No! to Betty! We are all a little in love with her, rapt by her talent, charm, drive, energy and determination that puts those of us who feel old to shame.

Betty is one of those eternally young spirits in the shape of the great, grand dame that remind many of us of how fairy god-mothers ought to be. Not even Clint Eastwood could say No to her.

In Betty’s e-book sensation, she describes how her interview with Clint Eastwood launched her career as a journalist. Betty describes how she scooped her meeting as a ‘Bad Hair Day!’ Her sense of humour laces everything with sharp wit.  Maybe nobody phases Betty because she herself is a celebrity. She is used to ‘walking the talk,’ and hobnobbing with the stars. She treats stars and minions the same. She elevates us minions and makes us stars and brings stars to earth, making them shine amongst us as ordinary human beings. Through Betty’s eyes, we see them for who they are, fragile, humble, insecure sometimes, and in need of love like the rest of us.

Betty has literally hundreds of reviews that tell us how good are her books. I don’t need to quote them here. You can check them out for yourself on Amazon. And she is a prolific reviewer of others – always generous, always honest and not afraid to rave about someone else’s work when it is deserved. That shows her big-heartedness, a spirit secure enough in its own talent to give recognition to that of others.’

I will just say this: Here is but a snippet of what John Locke writes about her book Star Struck:

“This collection is special for another reason. It offers you a glimpse into the mind and character of the author herself. Make no mistake, Betty’s a charmer! High-spirited and full of energy, she’s a treasure, far as I’m concerned, and her wit, charm, and self-deprecating humor is evident in these unique and personal stories.” – John Locke, author of Saving Rachel and other Donovan Creed novels. John Locke is the first self-published author to sell a million e-books on Kindle, so he MUST know what he is talking about!

Now Betty has entered into a new venture with fellow author: Barbara Watkins. They have doubled up to produce Six Pack of Blood, a supernatural/horror collection of short stories. So, from her contribution to Plum Tree Books’ Every Child is Entitled to Innocence to a Six Pack of horror, here’s to you, Betty Dravis: retired newspaper publisher; career journalist; host of  a Cable TV talk show; celebrity interviewer; author of seven books; author of three short stories that were consistent best-sellers in the Amazon Shorts program.

Let us not forget that Betty is also a proud mother of 6 children (2 are now angels), 9 grands, 5 greats and one great-great grandchild…Phew!

Check out Betty’s and Barbara’s new collaboration. Free to download over Easter!



12 comments on “fabulous Betty Dravis!

  1. Betty Dravis
    November 12, 2011

    Wow! Do I know this woman? hehehe That is me in disguise!

    Niamh, I am in awe of what you say about me… and yes, I can still bring the men to their knees. They topple before me like dominoes… 🙂

    Thanks for your very kind, complimentary words. I appreciate them so much, but you need to put the Amazon link at the bottom. I realize you didn’t have it when you wrote this, so here it is. I’ll wait to Twitter and FB it…

    Thanks, hugs and love –

    Betty Dravis (the author who is also a man magnet) 🙂


  2. dougjohnson1950
    November 12, 2011

    This made my day a #sensationalsaturday!! Thankyou.


  3. Donna Solitario
    November 12, 2011

    I could not have said it any better Niamh,

    Betty truly is one in a million, she has touched my heart, and moved my soul. Betty is a wonderful role model for me, and I am very grateful God put her in my life. She is so very talented, kind, loving, and such a dream reacher! I look forward to reading Betty’s new book! The cover is so awesome. I could never write enough on how much Betty has touched my life; just know I am so happy that she did.
    God bless you Betty,


  4. Dixie Miller Goode
    November 12, 2011

    I feel honored just to be an online friend to Betty. This is a great write up and every word rings true.


  5. JLBCreatives
    November 13, 2011

    Great job Niamh – but I realize you also have to have stellar material to work with – so you and Betty have brought it big time!! So proud and honored to know the both of you. ~Janet~ xx


  6. Linda Bulger
    November 13, 2011

    What a great testimonial! I smiled all the way through, delighted to read such a spot-on description of my amazing best friend. I fell under Betty’s spell the day I met her online; she had me at “hello,” as they say. Thank goodness for the internet, so that her many friends all around the world can know her and enjoy her sunny, generous nature. Bets, you rock! and you too, Niamh, for such an insightful article.


  7. Betty Dravis
    November 13, 2011

    Thanks to all my friends for coming to read this incredible story Niamh wrote about me… Do you think she’s hallucinating a bit… Do they have magic mushrooms in the UK? Or is she just prejudiced. But whatever it is that makes her see me in that unbelievable way, I’ll take it and run with it. Thanks, Niamh! My head is so big. I better get to church tomorrow to review the “humbling” aspects of my religion. 🙂

    Seriously, this is a beautiful article…and I’m humbled by knowing all of you REAL people.

    I’m very pleased that my bff Linda from NY “happened upon” this special tribute. Odd, but she moved to NY from Maine and lives only a few towns over from our Daniel… She will get to meet Daniel in person soon… Isn’t that cool?

    Thanks to all of you for dropping by and, Linda, how did you like that part about me bringing grown men to their knees. I like that… hehehe

    Group hug, darlings! Thanks to you, STAR STRUCK was in NO. 14 spot on Kindle “Rich and Famous” list…last time I looked. Now, let’s go make some more sales. Me greedy… 🙂

    Betty Dravis


  8. Chris Thrall
    November 13, 2011

    Great words for a wonderfully supportive woman and a super human being! Really looking forward to reading 1106 Grand Boulevard!


  9. What a great post, and I agree with every word. Betty is truly an inspiration to us all. With a huge heart and tremendous talent, we should all aspire to work as hard as she does!


  10. Jodie Brownlee
    December 7, 2011

    Excellent interview, Niamh and Betty 🙂 You both constantly amaze me with your energy.


  11. Barbara Watkins
    December 8, 2011

    Touching review, Niamh! – I do love this wonderful woman!


  12. Betty Dravis
    January 4, 2012

    Thanks for all the nice comments, my dear friends. You are too kind, but I “eat it up.” 🙂

    Warm Hugs always – Betty Dravis


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