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Dreamy Collette Scott

Meet and Greet Collette Scott with Dr. Niamh Clune!

As an eight-year-old, Collette Scott preferred her spiral bound notebook to playing with Barbie dolls. That is because Collette has always been a writer. Instead of dressing her dolls in princess gowns like  her other girl-friends enjoyed doing, she was writing stories for them to enact. Depending on Collette’s mood, she might write a day of laughter or a day when monsters chased good guys and gave them a run for their money!

Collette has always been imaginative. She has always loved telling tales…No! dear reader, not that kind of telling tales, but stories that inspired the imagination of her friends and family.  She wrote her first book at the age of eight! Her first readers were her closest friends.She loved pleasing them.

At first, she kept her writing private, available for friends only. Collette believes there is so much negativity around about the creative mind and the arts. But this concern could not arrest her desire and passion to be a writer. Writing for Collette is a persistent urge. The voices inside her head demand release. Her characters have minds of their own, unique personalities, definite and original thoughts. Collette believes herself to be the vessel through which they speak. She is happiest when she is telling their stories. For in that telling, she sets her characters free from inhabiting only her mind. She allows them into life and loves delving into their individual psyches and living vicariously through them.

There were periods during her life when she was unable to write. These were frustrating times for Collette, as her ‘people’ are  persistent and needy. If she is not fulfilling her duty to them, they become more vocal, each speaking to her in their own unique way. Quite simply, Collette must listen.

While there are some who might believe all this sounds a little schizophrenic or that Collette suffers from a multiple-personality disorder, Collette believes herself fortunate to possess the ability to develop people in her mind who speak to her. Sometimes her characters come to her in a dream; other times they appear in a scene. From the moment of their appearance, Collette has discussions with them. She gets to know them intimately. She learns about their likes and dislikes, what motivates them, how they feel. Collette believes, she inherited this gift from her grandfather and feels blessed for it. Making others laugh and cry, feel anger, love or sympathy brings Collette joy. All of her stories are realistic. Her readers can relate to the trials and tribulations of her characters. Because of that, Collette’s characters show others that survival is possible, that joy and happiness is possible, and most of all, that love and support are vital for emotional growth.

Collette is doing what she is supposed to do in sharing the lives of her characters. Hopefully they impart an important message to us all – that we are stronger than we believe ourselves to be!



9 comments on “Dreamy Collette Scott

  1. Joseph Rinaldo (@jmrinaldo)
    November 28, 2011

    Awesome feature! Good luck with the book, Collette!


  2. JLBCreatives
    November 28, 2011

    Collette is truly, not only an amazing writer, but also an outstanding person! Wonderful feature – dreamy artist! 😉


  3. Love the feature…and now I know you’re *dreamy* Collette! ; )


  4. Thank you, Niamh, for such a lovely write up. And Joe, thank you for stopping by. Many hugs and the deepest gratitude! XX


  5. Niamh Clune (@NiamhClune)
    November 28, 2011

    But you are such a pleasure to work with, Collette!


  6. dougjohnson1950
    November 28, 2011

    Thanks Collette and thanks Niamh. I love reading about wonderful authors and their lives and their passion.


  7. Great post – and I don’t think it sounded schizophrenic at all!!! 🙂 Wish you much luck with the book!


  8. Carolyn Arnold
    November 29, 2011

    Terrific post Niamh.

    Collette, I can’t believe you wrote your first book at eight – amazing! Love “Writing for Collette is a persistent urge. The voices inside her head demand release.”


  9. Once again, I am astounded by all the support we share for one another! Thank you all for visiting and commenting. I do get a kick out of people looking at me strange when I tell them I have conversations with my characters. It just makes me feel special rather than schizophrenic – haha.

    Thank you all again! XOXO


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