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Make Sure Your Plastic Goods Don’t Literally Cost The Earth

We Are The Voice

As an environmental campaigner since 1998, I watched in despair as the environmental crisis grew worse. Finally, David Attenborough’s Drowning in Plastic woke everyone up to the plight of our oceans.

According to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) this is the first generation to be aware of the problem that confronts us and the last generation that can do anything about it. Finally, plastic pollution, along with Climate Change, has become the big, buzz topic of 2019.

We know children feel very strongly about this issue and are genuinely upset by images they see of dead whales’ stomachs full of plastic, strangled turtles and seabirds dying in plastic bags.

Despite many small victories over the years, campaigning for the environment has been a more or less thankless task. Governments NEVER do enough. The problems grow bigger until now, we are drowning in plastic. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish! Now, a grandmother, I decided to give it one more, big push. I cannot sit back and watch our grandchildren’s futures being destroyed. I have launched a new environmental campaign called “We Are the Voice”, enabling our children to have a voice in driving change and innovation. Perhaps, their united voice can make adults listen. It now falls on their shoulders to protect their futures and the future of all living things on this planet. We all need to move Heaven and Earth to clean up our environment and find successful alternatives to plastic.

I brought my campaign idea to local schools. They leapt on board to re-record a song, “We Are the Voice” that I wrote for the World Summit on Sustainable Development (The Earth Summit) in Johannesburg, 2002, The re-recorded version will spearhead our campaign. Originally, myself and my daughter performed it at the opening of the Civil Societies ceremony. We feel its message is even more relevant today.

Follow this link to hear the original song HERE

Niamh Clune, Alexis Conran, We Are The Voice Children's Plastic Awareness Campaign
Here we are at TalkRadio in London with Alexis Conran

As well as recording the song, we will be filming the early stages of the campaign to highlight children’s passion for the subject. Once the song is released, we’d love the song to be heard, downloaded, and used for educating, spreading the message and getting choirs all over the country to come together for a regular We Are the Voice event every year. The song could become synonymous with the whole plastic campaign and, sung by children, will hopefully make more of a positive impact on those responsible for implementing change.

The song will be recorded on March 3rd and released for general distribution soon after.

We are also going into schools to ignite the plastic awareness campaign and send 1,000,000 virtual postcards to the producers of children’s plastic goods.

Please find out how you can become involved by visiting our website HERE . You can also help by spreading the word on FACEBOOK. Whatever you can do to help is most appreciated. We are ALL the voice. Only generosity of spirit with each of us contributing a little, can we make a HUGE difference.

About Dr Niamh Children's Books

I spent many an early morning dancing to the tunes of the little people. Very soon, they began to trust me, (Fairies seldom trust humans, as humans do very strange things to fairies and to fairyland), but I could dance a fine jig, pirouette often, sing a long song and recite a poem, all of which is of very great interest to fairies. They taught me some of their ancient secrets about bees and butterflies, worms and magic bears who know such an awful lot about everything. They also taught me secrets about science and the sky, and how to grow up into someone who is wise (wise enough to still believe in fairies). I like to share some of those mysteries with boys and girls (and grown-ups who still have magic in them) who are inquisitive but can also keep a secret. Sssssssssh! Promise you won’t tell anyone… Are you ready? Now listen well, to the stories I will tell…

8 comments on “Make Sure Your Plastic Goods Don’t Literally Cost The Earth

  1. Darlene
    February 23, 2019

    Good for you, Niamh. My daughter has been against the use of plastic all her life and has very little of it in her home. I do think the generation coming up is much more aware of the damage it causes.


  2. Patricia Tilton
    February 24, 2019

    Wow! What a wonderful project you have taken on. I am so pleased the “We Are the Voice” is being released again. Children want to be involved as they are concerned about what is happening to the world they are inheriting! Going to the schools was a brilliant idea! Good for you. And, I love that you’ve involved your family!


  3. tinycaravan
    February 27, 2019

    What a great campaign! Definitely up to us to make a difference in the environmental space. Keep fighting the good fight!


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