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Meet the New Wizards!

Barry Brown and The Dual Veil you suffering withdrawal symptoms from Harry Potter? Did you like The Lord of the Rings? Do you love Magic Realism? Perhaps you need a new fantasy to help you escape? Introducing Barry Brown…

“…Barry’s parents were not pleased to hear their only son wanted to learn magic. As children do when they are not listened to, Barry nagged, pestered, whinged, stamped, shouted and cried, which did him no good at all. He brought up the subject of magic at breakfast, and on his way to school, and on his way back from school, and in the bath, and just before bed, and whenever he saw his dad, but Mr Brown’s answer was always the same, “Real magic does NOT exist in England anymore.”

Mr Brown wanted his son to be a banker, like himself, (most parents want their children to be like them)—or a doctor, or engineer, or scientist, or IT specialist, or astronaut, or even a newsreader. Barry must have a proper job (even though he was still only seven) and be like everyone else.

Barry got even less of a hearing from his mother. Whenever he talked about magic, which was all the time, Mrs Brown’s eyes glazed over; she developed a sudden headache, took a little yellow pill and often returned to bed, leaving Barry to make his own breakfast, get ready for school and comb his difficult hair—another cause of Mrs Brown’s head-achy condition.

Yes! Barry’s hair was beyond keeping neat and, according to Mrs Brown, was such an unnecessary colour. She often spat on her hand, using the slime to slick down a particularly disobedient curl that stood right on top of Barry’s head. “Why won’t this silly sprig behave?” she fretted. “It looks like a permanent question mark stuck on top of your head. Red! I ask you! Why can’t you, or your hair, be ordinary like everyone else? That sort of thing certainly doesn’t run in my family—makes your skin so white. And freckles! And a stutter. And as for that skin-thingy on your arm!”

It was obvious to Barry, his mother wished for a different boy—a boy that didn’t have red hair, a stutter, or a skin-thingy.”

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About Dr Niamh Children's Books

I spent many an early morning dancing to the tunes of the little people. Very soon, they began to trust me, (Fairies seldom trust humans, as humans do very strange things to fairies and to fairyland), but I could dance a fine jig, pirouette often, sing a long song and recite a poem, all of which is of very great interest to fairies. They taught me some of their ancient secrets about bees and butterflies, worms and magic bears who know such an awful lot about everything. They also taught me secrets about science and the sky, and how to grow up into someone who is wise (wise enough to still believe in fairies). I like to share some of those mysteries with boys and girls (and grown-ups who still have magic in them) who are inquisitive but can also keep a secret. Sssssssssh! Promise you won’t tell anyone… Are you ready? Now listen well, to the stories I will tell…

2 comments on “Meet the New Wizards!

  1. Patricia Tilton
    January 7, 2019

    You are stepping into fantasy and world-building. Sounds like a wonderful story. Will it be in paper back at any point. I can’t read books on kindle.


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