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Dr. NanaPlum’s Rhyme Corner

exclamation_markI am elated to have starred,
An exclamation! Yes! A bard,
Must story-make from this small creature ~
A single line with full stop feature,
Who cannot speak without a gush,
Of excitement’s fevered rush!

Tiny soul, once was Latin ~exclamation-mark-vector-1058008
Io meant joy, was expression
Of wonderment, admiration
All manner of love’s elation.
So dear reader, you can see
Just how the ! came to be.

The ‘i,’ the line, the ‘o’, the dot
The ‘i’ on top, the ‘o’ was not
Considered as important so
Was subjugated, placed below
Or otherwise, would be a mess
if ‘o’ was first, I’d have to guessupside down exclamation
Just what was meant, by tiny mark
A lollipop? A man, a shark!

But no! It’s gentle, just dramatic
Emphatic! Ecstatic! Not dogmatic!
Often but a figure of fun ~
Once called, Bang! Shriek! Or gun!
A screamer, gasper, or a startler
Our attention’s what it’s after!

But, Wow! Fabulous! Great! And Hey!
It gasps! It dies! It has its way ~
To get attention, be set aside
From humdrum stops and commas, plied
To hide its feelings, freedom too!
exclation fun

Just what is it supposed to do?!!!
Other than exclaim and shout!
I am! I be! Don’t leave me out!

About Dr Niamh

When I was a little girl (a very, very long time ago), I used to love learning new, really big words like ‘discombobulate’. As I grew, my love of words grew too, until I loved them so much, I could not stop writing them down. One day, as I was scribbling a particular word, a very peculiar thing happened. The word shouted at me, “Stop! Don’t put me there!” As you can imagine, I was shocked and nearly fell off my chair. When I recovered somewhat, I said to the word, “Could you stop shouting, please? I am not used to it.” Can you guess what happened next? No! I thought not. The word said, “I might be small, but I will misbehave if you do not use me properly. I will not tell the story you would like me to tell. I will say something entirely different!” I dropped my pen. I hoped that by dropping my pen, the word would stop talking. Alas! It did not. It carried on chitterchobbling, even after the ink had dried. I was in a pickle. I could not allow my words to run away with my story, now could I? I don’t know about you, but when this sort of thing happens, there is only one thing left to do if you prefer not to spend your time arguing. “Very well,” said I. “I will do as you ask if you will just be quiet and allow me to concentrate.” Since that day, I have been paying special attention to every word I invite into my stories. After all, a story should say exactly what it means to say and not be led astray. With love from Dr. Niamh, Ph.D in Learning Through The Imagination and Founder of Dr Niamh Children's Books.

7 comments on “Dr. NanaPlum’s Rhyme Corner

  1. Uncle Tree
    July 4, 2013

    What a great way to teach, Teach!
    (!) He’s never out of reach.
    (1) Preach


    • ontheplumtree
      July 4, 2013

      Thank you, dear Uncle Tree! I bit of humour was never amiss, amissus or a mistress!


  2. Patricia Tilton
    July 4, 2013

    You poem is so clever and so much fun! I love it Niamh! Thank you for sharing my review of Rosenthal and Lichtenheld’s great children’s book. Thank you Uncle Tree. Enjoyed your poem.


  3. the secret keeper
    July 5, 2013

    A Friend To A Friend
    Our Friendship Is Always
    Thursday 4th July 2013— Jk

    A poem of Rhyme!
    Trying to keep it in Time!
    For my special Friend!
    I promise to Send!
    He’s large, he’s quite Huge!
    He charges in Hues!
    A painting Unique!
    Creating a beauteous Feat!
    Tears are for the Making!
    This big guy’s for your Taking!
    Enjoy his great Majesty!
    Whose known for his Memory!
    He’s a grand size Teacher!
    Meant only as your Creature!
    To adore from a Distance!
    To protect from Resistance!
    Of circuses teaching Performing!
    They need Reforming!
    Animals need Freedom!
    Love that we may see Them!
    Only if they have their own Land!
    Where only they can Stand!
    This gift is as if a Flower!
    For your respect and for your Power!
    Wanting to Protect!
    All innocence with Respect!
    This is for You!
    Someone Bold and still New!

    © jennifer kiley 2013
    I Gift © to Niamh Clune 2013
    & Dr. NanaPlum’s Rhyming Corner

    Charging Elephant by Lucie Theroux
    Image I Do Not Own


  4. the secret keeper
    July 5, 2013

    Reblogged this on the secret keeper and commented:
    With Great Delight I Reblog Dr. NanaPlum’s Rhyming Corner. 😎 Jk the secret keeper


  5. Pingback: Charging Elephant | the secret keeper

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