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Autism Awareness by Janice Kelly

My son truly sees the world and desperately struggles to find a place for himself…he has a sincere devoted love for animals and believes all life on earth needs to be treated with respect…he has taught me more than i could ever teach him…he is so used to hearing about how he doesn’t fit in, that he never sees the amazing accomplishments he has achieved and the many obstacles he has overcome..

When he was a baby, i visited a mother whose 19 year old son had autism…she sat with me and held my son in her arms…she told me that there is no place ‘out there’ that will care or understand your son as you will…there is no magical medical breakthroughs or facilities to treat my child…that when it comes down to it, it is the parents who help their child the most…it is the parents who spend every hour of every day with their child and understand him or her like no one else…it is the parents who will get to know their child and begin to observe, and from our continual observations we learn more about autism than any doctor can…but autism is here and it needs support from those who are oblivious…an awareness from a stranger who often misconstrues an autistic child’s behavior in public, and makes a scene in front of the parent about their spoiled brat, because they simply are not aware…patience is so badly needed as autism in on the rise and i believe people want to help…

Today my son is 23 years old with a heart of gold…he’s never been afraid to take initiative on his own and excepts challenges with determination…his motivation is based on how much he wants to belong and be understood by others…he feels he has to prove himself…even though he is so beautiful just as he is, he does not see it… how much the world needs to know that autism has a beauty within…♥

My son is now in college, taking calculus and his goal is to become a zoologist…

Sometimes parents are so busy trying to show their child the way, they overlook the fact that their child is also trying to show them the way and we need to be aware, ever so aware of communicating their way, too…believe me, it is more often beautiful than one would ever imagine…




About Dr Niamh

When I was a little girl (a very, very long time ago), I used to love learning new, really big words like ‘discombobulate’. As I grew, my love of words grew too, until I loved them so much, I could not stop writing them down. One day, as I was scribbling a particular word, a very peculiar thing happened. The word shouted at me, “Stop! Don’t put me there!” As you can imagine, I was shocked and nearly fell off my chair. When I recovered somewhat, I said to the word, “Could you stop shouting, please? I am not used to it.” Can you guess what happened next? No! I thought not. The word said, “I might be small, but I will misbehave if you do not use me properly. I will not tell the story you would like me to tell. I will say something entirely different!” I dropped my pen. I hoped that by dropping my pen, the word would stop talking. Alas! It did not. It carried on chitterchobbling, even after the ink had dried. I was in a pickle. I could not allow my words to run away with my story, now could I? I don’t know about you, but when this sort of thing happens, there is only one thing left to do if you prefer not to spend your time arguing. “Very well,” said I. “I will do as you ask if you will just be quiet and allow me to concentrate.” Since that day, I have been paying special attention to every word I invite into my stories. After all, a story should say exactly what it means to say and not be led astray. With love from Dr. Niamh, Ph.D in Learning Through The Imagination and Founder of Dr Niamh Children's Books. www.drniamhchildrensbooks.com

One comment on “Autism Awareness by Janice Kelly

  1. DiAnne Ebejer
    April 10, 2012

    Thank you for sharing your story Janice. You and your son were so lucky to have one another throughout these challenges and triumphs.


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