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Light a Candle in your Heart!

You shared your photos. You posted songs. You sent in poems, and moving, sometimes difficult, videos. You added words of comfort and solace. You spent Valentine’s day in the company of others sharing hope and a cause. It was an unusual day, a fulfilling and inspiring one.

Members of Child Help Line International posted reminders of why, our cause. The Plum Tree Public page is a lingering testament to children, to the loved and the abused.

Heart-warming stories can be viewed still. Songs can be listened to, and videos can be watched. Better than TV!

It was a risk to promote Every Child is Entitled to Innocence on Valentine’s Day. Valentine is the patron saint of all things love, according to catholic beliefs.  So, in my opinion, it was a good day to present the Orangeberry publication about childhood innocence and what happens when a child is abused instead of loved.

Please continue to support this cause. Buy the book. All proceeds to Child help Line International.

Buy The Book!

About Dr Niamh Children's Books

I spent many an early morning dancing to the tunes of the little people. Very soon, they began to trust me, (Fairies seldom trust humans, as humans do very strange things to fairies and to fairyland), but I could dance a fine jig, pirouette often, sing a long song and recite a poem, all of which is of very great interest to fairies. They taught me some of their ancient secrets about bees and butterflies, worms and magic bears who know such an awful lot about everything. They also taught me secrets about science and the sky, and how to grow up into someone who is wise (wise enough to still believe in fairies). I like to share some of those mysteries with boys and girls (and grown-ups who still have magic in them) who are inquisitive but can also keep a secret. Sssssssssh! Promise you won’t tell anyone… Are you ready? Now listen well, to the stories I will tell…

4 comments on “Light a Candle in your Heart!

  1. 10 Day Book Club
    February 16, 2012

    Consider sharing in 10 Day Book Club for further exposure. We are accepting manuscripts now for the April session. You can see more on the 10dbc website or you can send a message to

    Thanks for all you do. – Gayle Gross


    • theobblog
      February 16, 2012

      thank You! Certainly! Will do. Message on its way.


  2. karenselliott
    February 16, 2012

    Good reminder and follow-up, Niamh. What a fulfilling day for a special publication.


  3. DiAnne Ebejer
    February 16, 2012

    A most special day for an important and special cause. Most certainly will continue to spread the word.


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