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Why Do I Love Poetry? Jim Bauerlein

It is my great pleasure to introduce Jim Bauerlein to the plum tree. I love the quirkiness of this poem, the sudden turn mid-way to introduce the metaphor. Thank you Jim for writing our poetry corner in such a poetic way. I thought this image might suit Jim’s piece, as he gives us all a great big hug from the page.words-12

Jim has told me that one of his favourite poems is Ramond Carver’s Gravy, so I have posted it for you Here.

Gravy by Raymond Carver.

No other word will do. For that’s what it was.
Gravy, these past ten years.
Alive, sober, working, loving, and
being loved by a good woman. Eleven years
ago he was told he had six months to live
at the rate he was going. And he was going
nowhere but down. So he changed his ways
somehow. He quit drinking! And the rest?
After that it was all gravy, every minute
of it, up to and including when he was told about,
well, some things that were breaking down and
building up inside his head. “Don’t weep for me,”
he said to his friends. “I’m a lucky man.
I’ve had ten years longer than I or anyone
expected. Pure Gravy. And don’t forget it.”

Why do I love poetry by Jim Bauerlein

Why do I love poetry, why do i love the air? Take it away, and you will know. Gasp for breath. The light goes , grayness falls, then I am in a funk.

Yes, a dark hole. No coming out today. Logic wins, consistency, that hobgoblin, wins.  I go sit in the corner.

Why do I love poetry, why do I love you?

Oh I just do dear, just do.  Its in the curl of your lip, maybe the sun on your skin.

The turn of a phrase.

I love what is in between the words.  Pointed beyond the words, behind and underneath.

Why do I love poetry? Because I am  confused.  I cannot find my way in the world,  whatever I say seems often  wrong,  misunderstood , fraught with contradiction and then…

Ah ha: A scribbling of marks  supports confusion..Lets me see how much I love you when I hate you, How I can be afraid and brave. How my old face in the morning mirror is the face of God.  How my dogs heart beats still, so long after he has left this world.

Poetry  makes it possible for the truth to vibrate in my soul, helps the sun to rise.

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About niamh clune

I was born in Dublin, back in the days when it was full of poets, mystics, philanderers, drinkers, passionate speech-makers and wanna-be-Joyceans. Dublin was enshrouded then in a pall of Catholicism ~ Church and State were like Siamese Twins. I was a rebel ~ in the sense that I couldn't help but think for myself. There were Maoists, musicians and academics all trying to do the same. Gatherings were frenetic, passionate, yet often tempered by some of the gentle 'aul' folk not made bigots by religion or politics but liberated by both into realising the gentle and constant passing of all things. They were of my grand-parent's generation, sweet breaths of peat-soaked air, demonstrative of the tremendous inner peace and calm that comes from knowing who you are and where you come from. These days, I am a writer, poet, environmental campaigner, and musician ~ among other things. I gained a Ph.D in Acquiring Wisdom Through The Imagination, and I love teaching and sharing my inspiration. These days, I am also writing children's books. I believe that reading to little ones, even before they can understand words, teaches them to associate books with love and affection. Find my books on my page.

7 comments on “Why Do I Love Poetry? Jim Bauerlein

  1. thiskidreviewsbooks
    November 27, 2013

    What a great poem. It’s kind of sad, though.

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    • ontheplumtree
      November 27, 2013

      Yes it is sad Erik…from someone at the other end of his life.

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  2. Gladys Potts
    November 27, 2013

    Fantastic! The turns, the edge, the love for what brings buoyancy.

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    • ontheplumtree
      November 27, 2013

      OOH! Gladys, so nice to see you here. Thank you for the lovely comment.

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  3. Patricia Tilton
    November 27, 2013

    There is something quirky and loveable about his poetry! Loved them both. And, you picked the right photo to accent his work.

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    • ontheplumtree
      November 27, 2013

      Thank you, Particia for your visit. Always great to hear from you.

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  4. Imen Benyoub
    November 29, 2013

    Poetry makes it possible for the truth to vibrate in my soul, helps the sun to rise.

    totally believe in that, welcome to plum Jim, what a delightful piece of your soul you shared here xx..

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