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I Am Longing For!

sunshine on a rainy day,
its warmth to soften cold and grey,
a rose at rainbow’s rooted end,
the song of peace to ring and send
hope across the tortured land,
the soul of songbird in my hand.

a place of shelter from the storm
from weather-gods or streets forlorn
to hug the hearth, the rocking chair
with those I love, with whom I share
my heart, my mind, till life shall end
when song and rose shall beauty send
my soul to rest beyond the night
of longing for a future bright.

©Niamh Clune 2012

What are you longing for?

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About niamh clune

I love to write in childish rhyme I really do it all the time A Doctor and a Nana too 'Tis on the plum tree that I grew! Before we go any further, I must let you into one of my secrets. When I was little, fairies lived at the bottom of my garden. I used to talk or sing to them quietly (as fairies don't like shouting). And when dew covered the grass and made it glitter and sparkle, I knew the fairies were preparing for a shindig! Everyone knows that when dew is on the grass, fairies have their choice of the most beautiful sparkles imaginable. Fairies might wear peony or iris sparkle. They might wear rose or violet sparkle. Boy fairies wear shamrock and shiny breeches of bark be-dewed and made smooth and slithery ~ great for sliding down mole-hills! Fairies always throw parties in celebration of dew, as fairies love nothing more! They drink it, and it makes them giggle! They wear it, and it makes them shimmer. Dew really is the diamond in the fairy-queen crown. Apart from anything else, dew means it is a new day, and fairies love the time before dawn when they can flit and dart ~ flicker and start; hover and whiz ~ zip and fizz; float and flash ~ make-a-dash; tease and prance ~ skip and dance; hurry and scurry ~ all of a flurry; rush and rail ~ skim, speed and sail! The very best Leprechaun fiddlers play the most lively jigs. Elf harpists pluck at your heartstrings and weave magic in verse. Goblins are, by far, the best drummers, whilst meadow sprites have very high, reedy singing voices ~ almost inaudible to all but the very trained musical ear. Usually appearing on percussion are the cobbler gnomes ~ with a-clink and a-clank, whenever needed, and in perfect time. All in all, fairy gatherings are a sight to see ~ for those able to see them. I spent many an early morning dancing to the tunes of the little people. Very soon, they began to trust me, (Fairies seldom trust humans, as humans do very strange things to fairies and to fairyland), but I could dance a fine jig, pirouette often, sing a long song and recite a poem, all of which is of very great interest to fairies. They taught me some of their ancient secrets about bees and butterflies, worms and magic bears who know such an awful lot about everything. They also taught me secrets about science and the sky, and how to grow up into someone who is wise (wise enough to still believe in fairies). I like to share some of those mysteries with boys and girls (and grown-ups who still have magic in them) who are inquisitive but can also keep a secret. Sssssssssh! Promise you won't tell anyone... Are you ready? Now listen well, to the stories I will tell...

15 comments on “I Am Longing For!

  1. the secret keeper
    November 9, 2012

    Niamh, OMG your poem, your rose, your post is so beautiful.

    I am longing for warm arms to hold me
    Soft hair for my face to hide in and to bury
    A sweet voice to read a good tale of fantasy and love
    As my head rests on her lap, she looks down from up above
    With a smile on her face of pure love. Her eyes look into mine.
    She smiles and strokes my hair so gently. I close my eyes.
    Listening to her voice tell the tale of a lass who is in love.
    This is what I long for and wish to come true
    Not such an awful lot to wish for that she have eyes of blue.

    J.K the secret keeper

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  2. the secret keeper
    November 9, 2012

    I wish to add on something else I long for but not for me. I long for a very special friend to have all her dreams come true. What she asks for out of longing make them so. j.k.

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  3. Walking with Beverley
    November 9, 2012

    longing for the caress of your hand
    when words will no longer do
    sunrays or rain unnecessary
    eye to eye heart to heart
    i long for you

    i long for a place of shelter
    with you
    totally ours
    no fear of retraction
    standing on veranda
    smelling the fresh air
    looking out o’er fields
    of green yellow and white
    as the wind tease their petals
    the sound of water stream
    trickling nearby
    sun rays crepuscular
    as their sweet assault of laughter
    vibration of harmony
    i long for home©

    beverley hoyles
    nov 9, 2012

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  4. thiskidreviewsbooks
    November 9, 2012

    Love the poem! I want -
    a) sun and warmth, or
    b) snow
    I can’t think of a poem at the moment. :)

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  5. the secret keeper
    November 10, 2012

    Reblogged this on the secret keeper and commented:
    everyone has a longing. some may not want to think about them for fear they may be beyond their wildest dream. No ever knows what is possible from the impossible until they let their heart speak for them. There is a warmth on this page. Make a visit and leave the words of “what are you longing for?” in the comments or just check out all the delicious and insightgful treasures you will find. j.k. the secret keeper

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  6. Patricia Tilton
    November 10, 2012

    Such a heartfelt and beautiful poem. You really have a gift of words. Long for peace within a body that constantly hums.

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  7. I am longing for the day,
    when prejudiced minds will no longer be,
    the reason of humanity division.

    I am longing for the day,
    when our dark child will no longer be,
    a portrayal of poverty and ignorance.

    I am longing for the day,
    when my continent will no longer be,
    the source of charity calls.

    I am longing for the day,
    when religion will no longer be,
    the source of endless hatred.

    I am longing for the day,
    when ethnicity will no longer be,
    the root of complexities.

    I am longing for the day,
    when empathy and kindness will be,
    the foundation of humankind behaviour.

    ©Gloria D. Gonsalves 2012

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  8. theclaudiofiore
    November 12, 2012

    Something we all long for. Beautiful words, such feeling. Times like this we all wish we had the things in life that are just basic necessities.

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